Startup Business Cockpit

Tool and Inspiration for Founders and Company Leaders

Turn your vision into reality

Your vision is within reach, values and principles deeply rooted, goals that everyone understands and continuously pursues. Guided by transparency and efficiency, you build on a strong foundation of clear direction and comprehensibility for your future.

Tool and Inspiration for Founders and Company Leaders | Startup Business Cockpit
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We're All in the Same Boat

"My vision is clear, why doesn't my team get it?" - This sentence shouldn't be part of your daily routine. The challenge of creating a unified understanding and focus within the team can be frustrating, especially when everyone is pursuing their own cool, yet off-target, projects.

Then there are the regulations, like time tracking, which might seem sensible on paper but often feel more like a hindrance in practice. They feel like an additional burden that doesn’t offer real value, stealing precious time that could be better invested in growing your business.

Not to mention, the little things that can have big impacts, like forgetting to bill for services on time. Such seemingly minor oversights can lead to bigger problems and affect the operation and financial health of your business.

What Do You Get?

  1. Leadership/Founder Coaching & Mentoring
  2. Pain-free time tracking for employees
  3. Detailed project time recording with comprehensive evaluation options
  4. Efficient Quarterly Goal Management
  5. Clear communication of the company's vision and values
  6. Concise display of company-wide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  7. Uniform pricing: Only €129/month per company without additional costs per user
  8. and much more...

Genuine Support

The journey of a founder is filled with challenges and uncertainties. You give your all every day to make your vision a reality, yet sometimes it feels as if the path is endless and the progress minimal. We know what that's like. But this is exactly where we want to step in.

You deserve a tool that not only acts as a support but also paves the way for you. A tool that helps you communicate clearly, work efficiently, and achieve your goals faster. Because you deserve to pursue your dreams with fewer obstacles, supported by a community as passionate as you are.

Echoes of Achievement: Our Customers' Success Moments

"Had I had this tool 12 years ago, my entrepreneurial life would have been much easier. Today, it helps me stay on course."

- Founder, second journey, lessons learned.

"So this indicator with the safety buffer has become my new favorite 😂 It's super motivating to see what has been accomplished each month! 🚀 or even just that something has been accomplished (which sometimes doesn't feel like it)."

- Solopreneur, Side-Hustler

"The solidification of our core values has revolutionized our customer engagement, leading to more authentic and consistent customer interactions."

- Social Media Strategist

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