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Managing project times? Sure, but efficiently and transparently!

Discover how easy it is to track project times with minimal effort, maintain oversight, and seamlessly use the data for invoicing and budget monitoring – ensuring you reliably meet your clients' contractual requirements.

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Administrative Burden and Chaos in Time Tracking

Especially entrepreneurs with small teams often experience an enormous administrative burden. Faulty or incomplete time tracking leads to inaccurate billing and potential disputes with clients. The administrative effort for invoicing is immense. Manually compiling billable hours and creating invoices is time-consuming and inefficient. Additionally, there is often a lack of clear overview of the hours budget, increasing the risk of budget overruns.

Integrating time data into other accounting and billing tools is often complicated. Providing clients with transparent billing is challenging, which can undermine trust. Managing multiple contracts simultaneously is a major challenge. Excessive administrative workload leads to unnecessary stress within the team. Furthermore, employees constantly need to be reminded to accurately log their hours, and it often remains unclear whether all provided services have been billed.

What do you get?

  1. Efficient contract management
  2. Burn down charts for progress tracking
  3. Integrated budget monitoring and contract lifecycle
  4. CSV export for flexible integration
  5. Employee project assignment
  6. No additional costs per employee
  7. And much more...

Less Administrative Effort Through More Transparency

The high administrative burden and constant worry about accurate time tracking and billing for project hours are a thing of the past. You no longer have to chase after your employees to ensure all hours are recorded correctly. This saves you valuable time that you can invest in growing your business and serving your clients.

The transparent display of project times and budgets gives you the confidence that you always have a clear overview and no billable hours are lost. Your employees also benefit from clear structures and less administrative effort, leading to higher satisfaction and productivity.

Imagine a workday where you can focus entirely on what matters most – successfully completing your projects and nurturing your client relationships. The feeling of always knowing exactly where your business stands and the assurance that all services rendered are correctly billed creates a relaxed and productive work environment.

You and your employees deserve a simple tool that meets the necessary requirements and provides real value – with no hidden costs.

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